Prof. Dr. Jozef Colpaert

Jozef Colpaert teaches Instructional Design, Educational Technology and Computer Assisted Language Learning at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He is editor of Computer Assisted Language Learning (Taylor and Francis) and organizer of the International CALL Research Conferences. He is currently working on the empirical and theoretical validation of Educational Engineering, a novel instructional design and research method.


Prof. Dr. Joanna Madalinska-Michalak
Head of the Polish Educational Researches

Joanna Madalińska-Michalak is Professor of Social Sciences (field – Educational Research) at the University of Warsaw and head of the Chair of Didactics and Teacher Education, Faculty of Education at University of Warsaw, Poland. Her research work has focused on educational leadership, teacher education, teachers’ and school principals’ development, and research ethics. She is actively involved in many national and international research projects. She has delivered keynotes in a wide range of countries. She is an author of more than 200 scientific publications, mainly articles in journals and books. She has acted as an expert advisor to international bodies and has been involved in research and educational programmes relating to school leadership, teachers’ success, teachers’ competences and professionalism, teachers’ ethics, and teacher education. She was an expert at the European Research Funding 2007-2013 7th Framework Programme. Her current teaching responsibities are: MA – Educational Leadership, Teacher Education: Contemporary Challenges; Passion for Teaching; and Research Methods in Education (at Graduate Programme in Teaching English to Young Learners). She serves for global, international, and national scientific organisations. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors of International Council of Education for Teaching (ICET), a representative of Polish Educational Research Association in World Education Research Association (WERA), a member of Council Board of European Educational Research Association (EERA), Chair of Teacher Education Policy in Europe Scientifi Network (TEPE), President of Polish Educational Research Association (PERA), and a member of Board of Scientifc Associations at the Polish Academy of Science. She serves as a member of editiorial boards and as a member of reviewers’ panels for such scientific journals as Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, European Journal of Teacher Education and South African Journal of Education.


Prof. Dr. Meltem Huri Baturay

Prof. Dr. Meltem Huri Baturay has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Language Teaching. She got her PhD degree in the field of Computer Education and Instructional Technology. She studies on distance education, digital game, internet and social media addiction, and technology-assisted language teaching. Cyberloafing, MOOCs and Z generation learners are some of the other research topics Baturay studies on. She has published articles in highly reputable international and SCCI indexed journals. Baturay has also worked as a researcher at an action in COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) which is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020. She also participated in TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and Erasmus+ KA2 projects as a researcher. She has expertise in multimedia supported and video-based training materials development. Currently, she is working as a faculty member and the vice-director of the School of Foreign Languages at Atılım University.


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sami Topçu

Dr. Topçu received a Ph.D. in Elementary (Science) Education from the Middle East Technical University, Turkey in 2008. Dr. Topçu studied as a research scholar at University of Florida in USA, where he completed a significant part of the doctoral dissertation about socio-scientific issues and argumentation in 2007. In 2009, Middle East Technical University,Graduate School of Social Sciences recognized Dr. Topçu as the recipient of “the Best Thesis Award in Primary Education Doctoral Program”. His thesis is about socio-scientific issues and argumentation. He worked as a faculty member in the Yüzüncü Yıl University, Turkey between the years 2009-2010, in the Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey between the years 2011- 2013. He studied on the topics of socio-scientific issues and STEM education in the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA between the years 2014 and 2015 as a visiting professor. He has been working as a faculty member since 2013 in the Yıldız Technical University, Turkey.

His research interests are socio-scientific issues, argumentation, epistemological beliefs, and STEM education. His studies on these fields have been published in many prestigious journals like “International Journal of Science Education” and “International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education”. Dr. Topçu is on the editorial board of the “International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education”. Additionally, he acts as a referee in the other prestigious journals like “International Journal of Science Education”. He is an active member of NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching) and has been attending NARST conferences annually since 2007. He served to JRST Award Committee (2012-2015) and NARST Research Committee (2016-2019). For 2020-2022 terms, the NARST Executive Board nominated Dr. Topçu as one of the six candidates for the position of NARST Executive Board Member.

Dr. Topçu organized and acted many national (supported by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey-TÜBİTAK) and international (supported by National Science Foundation-NSF, COST, Horizon 2020) projects and workshops. In 2018, Scientific  and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) recognized Dr. Topçu as the recipient of “The Young Scientists Award” through his international studies on the topic of “socio-scientific issues in science teaching area”, “argumentation” and “epistemological beliefs”.



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